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Custom Business Management Tools

Odesso is a mobile app generation platform that lets you manage your business through custom applications, giving your users the freedom to work on the go, reduce your time to market, promote your brand, and drastically reduce your operational costs. With the consumer storefront shifting to mobile, Odesso makes your business competitive in the mobile marketplace through automation. Our team has a passion for software development, service-oriented architecture, business intelligence, UX, and workflow automation that we put into building you a revolutionary tool for mobile app development.


Boost Productivity

Create powerful mobile tools for your customers and business users, delivered globally.

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Streamlined Efficiency

Quickly build and deploy applications that make your business run smoothly.

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Mobile First

Evolve your business to fit into your user's daily experience.

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Odesso's monthly fees scale based upon usage.

For businesses needing additional data or licenses, contact us at info@odesso.com or click below.

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